About Us

Jennifer and I (Kagen) found Crepes during one of our road trips, and felt we couldn’t pass up bringing this cuisine to the Tri-Cities. After months of researching the best recipes, griddles, and coffees we finally found our location in the historic heart of Richland; The Uptown!


Our dream became a reality with the support of our family and friends, and a growing number Tri-Citians passionate about supporting our small business. We opened Kagen Coffee and Crepes (K1) at the Uptown in October 2016. Visit our newest locations Kagen Coffee and Bistro (K2) at Tri-Cities Research District and Kagen Coffee and Crepes at PNNL (K3).


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Each of our locations has high-speed public WiFi. Great for team meetings and working remotely.

Signature Drinks

Each location features signature drinks like the M4, Energy Mixers, and fresh local coffee and tea.

Savory Crepes

Sweet Crepes